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Like every industry, real estate is a constantly evolving business. There are some aspects that remain consistent from generation to generation, but in the last few decades we have seen some big changes. The way we market properties, the contracts we use and the legal relationship between agent and customer are all different than they were just 10 years ago. Buyers have more information and, as a result, are better equipped to negotiate than they ever have been. These differences makes it all the more important to have a competent professional by your side as you sell your house.

The biggest difference between today and the real estate industry 10 years ago is the use of the Internet by buyers. A decade ago the two largest real estate sites on the web didn’t exist. Internet speeds were too slow to load up sites with tons of pictures or video, the iPhone wasn’t invented yet and almost no one had a phone that could browse the web. Obviously, all that has changed. Today 95% of buyers are going to use the internet at some point in there home search. The vast majority of them will start there search before they call a REALTOR. This makes it vastly important for buyer’s to be able to find your broker’s properties on the web. Once they find the listing the want pictures. They don’t want pictures shot on a 2006 era flip phone, either. The bigger, clearer, the better and make sure to have plenty of them. The listings with the most pictures tend to get the most viewers. So, how do you compete to get your house sold in today’s market? Which of these things is your broker doing for you?
While there is a benefit to using the Internet for sellers (if your broker actually uses it), there is also a downside of it. When buyers are armed with better information, sellers have to be more cautious about how they price, stage and market their house. Today’s buyers frequently know a lot about area prices prior to making an offer. If your listing is priced too high, it’s likely that buyer’s won’t consider viewing it. If it does get shown, it may not produce any offers because buyer’s may think the seller is unreasonable. This makes it extremely important to list the house at the right price right from the start. Too often we have seen someone wanting to get too much from their home not listen to the market and price their property out of contention. If they realize their mistake and reduce the price it may still be too late. Buyers (overwhelmed with information) may recognize the house from a higher price and discard it again without noticing the price change (“It wasn’t right before. It won’t be right now.”). When you are trying to sell your home, time is money. From insurance payments, to maintenance and repairs, taxes and that monthly mortgage it can get expensive to NOT sell your house.

While marketing expertise and market knowledge are incredibly important, selling a home doesn’t end there. Once an offer is presented, negotiations start. Actually, negotiations started when we posted the list price, but prior to this point we weren’t sure we had anyone interested. Now, it’s in writing, most of the time. Knowing what is a reasonable request from a buyer, what the buyer’s lender may require, what’s customary in our local market and when these things cross into unreasonable territory come with having experience. We’ve got a lot of that, but decades of experience can’t prepare you for everything.

Sometimes an unforeseeable challenge presents itself and only someone who is willing to systematically and doggedly pursue a solution is going to get you through. The combination of our talents, experience, effort and skill is difficult to match. After buyers and sellers reach an agreement we will help you get through the process of exercising the contract and meeting deadlines. From scheduling inspections and repairs, transmitting reports and other information, we’ll be there with you through closing and after.

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