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Buying a Home in Eastern Oklahoma


If you are a Buyer…

  • You can be assured that you will be exposed to all the homes in the Tulsa area that are in your price range and meet your needs.

  • You will have representation from the first time you see your new home, through negotiations, the escrow process, close and after.

Finding the right home for sale in Tulsa or any other city in Oklahoma can be challenging. We have historically had a shortage of quality homes, at reasonable prices, in areas where people want to live. Plenty of homes someplace you don’t want to be, for more money than you want to pay, or with more needed work than you want to tackle, but few that fit your needs and are available right now. This is why using a REALTOR in Eastern Oklahoma is important.


In a business where timely information can be the difference between buying the perfect house and someone else living in it, we can give you an edge. Nobody wants an Inbox full of useless email. They are a waste of time, but that is what you are going to get if you aren’t performing a focused search. We will be happy to spend some time talking with you about what you are looking for. Often times our insight and experience can help you zero in on what it is that you really want and fits your needs. This frees you up to focus on life’s other demands and not have to deal with 50 emails about houses you would never consider. After talking with you, we can set a narrow search that will notify you anytime a property comes on the market that matches your specific criteria.


For various reasons, not every property for sale is advertised on the internet. Sometimes we have information that can’t be advertised or is not intended for public consumption. When you’ve been in the business for awhile you tend to collect valuable pieces of information that may help a customer down the road. So and so wants to sell, this guy needs some more land, this lady is willing to part with some, but nobody is interested or motivated enough to put it on the market. Traditionally, this has been the strength of our profession. We have been keepers and providers of information. We still are. Yes, so much more information is available publicly than has ever been, but there are still individuals that want there business kept private.  We understand and respect that.


Ultimately, we feel at Colby & Colby can be your biggest ally in your search for your next real estate purchase. Whether that purchase is your first or intended to be your last, we believe we can help. Finding the right home is only the beginning. We’ll stick with you all the way through the process and be by your side to help you navigate negotiations, financing, inspections, title and closing.


Give us a call at (918) 409-4687 today and let’s get started!

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